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Type of Jewel necklace
Description of Material 18k white gold
Total Weight of Jewel 4.38 g
Total Amount of Diamonds 14
Total Weight of Diamonds 1.20 ct

Category: Product ID: 6561


9 Diamonds                      Total approx. 1.09 ct
Shape                                    Marquise, Pear
Carat                                    Each approx. 0.07 to 0.18 ct
Measurements             Approx. 3.80 x 2.10 to 5.00 x 2.80 mm
Colour Grade                EW (E) – RW+ (F)
Clarity Grade                 VS

Overall Cut Grade      G

5 Diamonds                     Total approx. 0.11 ct
Shape                                    Brilliant
Carat                                    Each approx. 0.01 to 0.04 ct
Measurements              Approx. 1.50 to 2.10 mm
Colour Grade                 RW+ (F) – RW (G)
Clarity Grade                VS

Overall Cut Grade      G

Jewellery Report

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