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Type of Jewel bracelet
Description of Material 18k white gold
Total Weight of Jewel 12.52 g
Total Amount of Diamonds  61
Total Weight of Diamonds 4.92 ct

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3 Diamonds        Total approx. 0.74 ct
Shape                  Brilliant
Carat                   Each approx. 0.21 to 0.31 ct
Measurements     Approx. 3.70 to 4.00 mm
Colour Grade        RW+ (F) – RW (G)
Clarity Grade           VS

Overall Cut Grade     VG

58 Diamonds      Total approx. 4.18 ct
Shape                Brilliant
Carat                 Each approx. 0.04 to 0.16 ct
Measurements   Approx. 2.10 to 3.30 mm
Colour Grade       RW+ (F) – RW (G)
Clarity Grade        VS

Overall Cut Grade    VG – G

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